About SCVT

SCVT was founded in 1964 and is one of the oldest clubs at Virginia Tech. SCVT is older than some dive companies! IANTD was founded in 1985 and PADI was founded in 1966!

We host biweekly meetings for all members to catch up with each other’s diving adventures and to update everyone on our plans to go diving.

The club goes on local trips to the New River and Blacksburg Quarry, as well as away trips to Gray Quarry in TN, Bluestone Quarry in NC, Vortex Springs in FL, the Florida Keys, etc. We also host one out of the country trip every spring break! 2016 was the Bahamas and 2017 was Cozumel, Mexico. Below is a map of all these dive locations that we will update any time we explore someplace new!